Rumor are swirling that Beyonce is expecting her second child. The proof, according to sources? The high waist of her black and gold Givenchy gown at last week's Met Gala. So according to insiders, Bey's gown was merely a tool to conceal her pregnancy -- in addition to being once of her worst red carpet looks in recent memory, in our opinion.

The New York Post reports sources confirmed that a baby brother or sister is on the way for Blue Ivy, saying that the high belted waist of her Met Ball gown was part of a deliberate effort to camouflage her expanding bump.

Bey didn't reveal that she was expecting Blue Ivy until she was visibly showing on the red carpet of the 2011 MTV VMAs, so she's kept a bump under wraps before.

Her last pregnancy was riddled with Illuminati rumors, and some crazies even suggested that Bey had hired a gestational surrogate and that she was wearing a prosthesis and pretending to be with child to keep her figure intact. (Those claims stemmed from an interview clip where her tummy appeared to collapse when she sat down.)

See the photo above where Bey is posing from the side in her high-waisted gown. If she was aiming to bury a bump under a lot of fabric and dress, she succeeded. Now that's what we call functional fashion.

Or maybe there's nothing there to begin with?

Below is a form-fitting stage costume that also sparked talk of an expanding midsection last week. We can't really tell. Guess we'll find out if there's any news if and when Queen Bey is good and ready to tell us.

Beyonce Blue Bump

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