The POTUS, Barack Obama, and his FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, were named the World's Most Powerful Couple by Forbes. No surprise there, but they were joined on the list by a slew of celebrity pairings as well.

While Barack having access to the big red button surely played a role in their No. 1 spot on Forbes' list, it's actually Michelle who won them the popular vote in the magazine's polls.

"With 67 percent of Americans viewing first lady Michelle Obama favorably, she's more popular than her husband," Forbes said (via E! Online). We're not sure if that's because of her bangs, her biceps, her sass, her style or her distance from the whole drone thing, but we can buy it.

The Obamas' most famous friends, Jay-Z and Beyonce, also made the list -- though lately it's been debated just how friendly they are anymore.

Also on the powerful roster? Tom Brady and Gisele, as well as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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