Either Beyonce rocked fake nipples on one of her bodysuits at the opening of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour -- or it was really, really cold in that building.

Queen Bey took the stage in Belgrade, Serbia for her tour kickoff and came out in a skintight, sparkling gold number ... complete with glittering headlights, lest you mistake for one moment that any part of Bey's bod is the least bit saggy or imperfect. (Because it apparently is perfect. Seriously.)

While we're not sure why anyone thought such an outfit was a good idea (her eyes are up there, buddy), thankfully, it wasn't the only one she sported throughout the evening. Her Majesty also owned it in a black bodysuit similar to her Super Bowl ensemble, a short white dress, a blue jumpsuit and a flowy red dress, all of which kept any nipples, both real and manmade, hidden from view.

Our condolences to the men in the crowd who were forced to use their imaginations.