Beyonce released a brand new song titled 'Standing on the Sun' in conjunction with a commercial for clothing retailer H&M. In it, she dances around in bikinis and  becomes Queen of the beach dwellers while playing the role of Mrs. Carter.

To all the naysayers who claimed her swimsuit shots were photoshopped? Photoshop this.

Unlike her Pepsi advertisement that didn't even make it to the chorus, this campaign with H&M debuts a full minute and a half of her newest song, which is a frothy number with an island beat, some heavy breathing and a whole lot of sand-throwing.

Based on the lyrics, the sultry ditty is about being so attracted to someone that it feels like you're standing on the surface of the sun when they get your body hot (or something).

Check out the entire video above, and don't forget to count the wig changes.