It's usually good to be the King Bey, but lately her highness has had a hard time.

Beyonce faces backlash for banning professional photographers from her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and now her beloved Beyhive in Belgium is swarming angrily following a postponed concert.

The National Press Photographers Association, along with 19 other organizations, is considering blacklisting Beyonce -- Beyonce! -- since she won't let them into her concerts for this go-around. Instead, press outlets are being given pre-approved live shots from various performances to use with their coverage.

While this doesn't sound too terrible on the surface, the NPPA fears the ban's effects on covering celebrities down the line.

"Your ban has resulted in the posting of intentionally created prank photos ... that have been far more unflattering than the original ones and which have gone viral," NPPA general council Mickey Osterreicher wrote (via Yahoo!). "Ending the ban is more likely to result in publication of fair, objective and mutually beneficial photographs that serve your interests and ours."

He has a point: Several outlets have deliberately used unflattering photos of Beyonce since the ban was instated. Granted, an unflattering photo of Beyonce is still roughly 400 times better than most flattering photos of the rest of us.

Meanwhile, no photos were taken of Beyonce at all at her concert scheduled for Antwerp, Belgium on May 14 -- because the show didn't happen.

Beyonce was said to be suffering from dehydration and exhaustion, and if you've ever seen one of her concerts, that's actually a pretty plausible story. (Her exhaustion and dehydration are a lot different from, say, Lindsay Lohan's exhaustion and dehydration.)

The show will be rescheduled with tickets for the original May 14 date still being honored. It's unclear whether further shows on her tour will be affected by her health, but her doctors have advised her to rest.

One thing that won't rest? Rumors that Beyonce is singing, dancing and now resting for two. The exhaustion has fueled the fire of pregnancy talk that's surrounded the singer since her 2013 Met Gala appearance in a belted gown. (Because wearing a belted gown means there's a bun in the oven. Not that, you know, you just like belted gowns.)

In any case, Beyonce issued a handwritten, heartfelt apology to her Belgian fans, which you can see below. We think anyone who looks at her H&M campaign will find it in their hearts to forgive.

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