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Amanda Bynes Leaves UCLA Psych Ward for Rehab Center
The last we heard of troubled retired millionaire Amanda Bynes, she was deemed unfit to stand trial during her own DUI case last week. Now news is coming in that she's been moved from a UCLA treatment center to a Malibu rehab center. Albeit several weeks ago.
Moving on up?
Amanda Bynes Declared Unfit to Stand Trial in DUI Case
Amanda Bynes has had so many issues lately that it's hard to remember where her mental problems end and her legal troubles begin. The erstwhile Nickelodeon starlet is still dealing with a DUI case from April 2012, and her lawyer, Rich Hutton, has deemed her unfit to stand trial.
Today in Amanda Bynes Psych Ward Update + Hacked Twitter
Amanda Bynes is finally getting the help she needs, and a judge wants to make sure she keeps getting it -- so the troubled actress could spend the next year locked up in a mental health facility.
Knowing that, it probably won't surprise you that a tweet that went out Saturday from her long-dorm…
Amanda Bynes May Be Bisexual
Amanda Bynes is currently under a 5150 hold to deal with mental health issues likely to be schizophrenia, but before she was hospitalized, she was supposedly dealing with something else: hiding her possible bisexuality.
Sources say that the former Nickelodeon starlet was struggling to hide her relati…
Amanda Bynes' Meds Are Working Well
Good news for Amanda Bynes: The troubled starlet's psych hold is the best thing that's happened to her in a while, because the 24/7 monitoring and pill cocktails by her doctors have (knock on wood) gradually returned her to normal. But as usual, there's a bit of a catch.
Latest in the Bynes Case
Amanda Bynes' parents went to court today, trying to prove to a judge that their daughter was a danger to herself and others and should therefore be placed under a conservatorship.
But alas, their request was denied. At least for the time being.
Psych Hold Extended
Amanda Bynes' 72-hour 5150 psychiatric hold just got extended by another two weeks, allowing her parents (and probably her poor pooch) to breathe a sigh of relief.
One person who may not be stoked? Osama 'Sam' Lutfi, the same creep who preyed on Britney Spears during her breakdown.
Today in Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes may currently be on a 5150 psychiatric hold so doctors can figure out just what's going on in her brain, but the good news is she won't face criminal charges for lighting a stranger's driveway on fire.
Hey, even small victories count.
Parental Concern
Amanda Bynes was placed under an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold after setting fire to a stranger's driveway in Los Angeles on Monday night (July 22) -- and now that doctors have had time to take a look at her, they've decided she may need serious help.
Ya think?
Here’s That Driveway Amanda Bynes Set on Fire [PHOTOS]
Amanda Bynes was placed on a psychiatric hold on Monday night (July 22) after setting some of her clothing on fire in a stranger's driveway. Now the homeowner is happily sharing the damage with the media.
Won't that be a story to tell her grandchildren one day as they gleefully ask, &qu…
New 911 Details
The 911 caller in Amanda Bynes' bizarre fire -- the one that led to her 5150 psych hold -- is talking about the incident, and more details are emerging as to why Bynes was in the neighborhood in the first place.
In the 911 call, the caller describes the incident as a "small fire," but expla…
Long Overdue
Well, you had to see it coming. Actress and professional media magnet Amanda Bynes has finally been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold. And all it took was starting a fire in a stranger's driveway.
Dancing Queen
Amanda Bynes was seen dancing in New York City -- if you can call what was captured on this video "dancing" and not "being attacked by a swarm of invisible locusts" or "my butt itches but I don't want to scratch it in public."
Or maybe she wa…
Disorder in the Court
Amanda Bynes appeared in a New York court this morning (July 9) to face charges of reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence after she threw a bong -- which she claims was merely a a vase -- out the window of her high-rise apartment building in May. And what better way to prove how sane she …
Words of Wisdom
A lot of celebrities and internet wonks have had advice for young starlets gone astray Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. But perhaps no celebrity has had such good advice as Dame Helen Mirren.
The woman is wise and wonderful and the super cool aunt we never had (sorry real-life aunts, we love you -- bu…

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