The 911 caller in Amanda Bynes' bizarre fire -- the one that led to her 5150 psych hold -- is talking about the incident, and more details are emerging as to why Bynes was in the neighborhood in the first place.

In the 911 call, the caller describes the incident as a "small fire," but explains that it was a cloth on a gasoline tank -- effectively creating a potential makeshift explosive.

He also noted that when he found Bynes lying down, she mentioned that her dog had been burned. She also burned part of her pant leg, but didn't appear injured from it and quickly put out the flames.

After the incident, Bynes went to a local liquor store to rinse the gasoline off her dog. There's no audio in the video, but you can see Bynes wandering around the liquor store and going straight to the employees' only section of the store before a worker basically chases her out.

As for why Bynes was in California and not her usual haunt of New York City, the answer is pretty simple: She ran out of money and options in the Big Apple.

A source told Radar Online that she made the move because she ran out of money. "Amanda was unable to find any place to live in New York City because of her bizarre behavior," the source said. "No one would rent an apartment to her. She does own a house in Calabasas (California). It’s unclear how she got to California from New York."

Bynes' parents are reportedly seeking a conservatorship, but they have to act quickly -- most 5150 holds are limited to 72 hours or less if the patient is deemed to not be a risk to themselves or to others.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that the elderly woman whose driveway Bynes lit on fire wants the actress's parents to pay for the damage -- despite a neighbor volunteering to power wash and repair it for free. Bynes' folks feel like they have enough to worry about without cleaning up ash and think Bynes should foot the bill herself.

However, if she's under a conservatorship, while the money may be hers, the responsibility will be her parents', so they may just want to get this out of the way.

Watch Amanda Bynes + Her Dog in the Liquor Store

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