Amanda Bynes will remain in a psych ward despite her and her lawyer's best attempts to spring her.

TMZ reports that a hearing was held before a judge at the facility where Bynes is receiving treatment for schizophrenia. Bynes' attorney argued that there's no basis to hold her for an additional two weeks following her initial 5150 hold, which the judge steadfastly denied.

Bynes' condition has greatly improved since doctors were able to diagnose and treat her with a "cocktail" of medications, but there are still huge risks involved if Bynes were to go free.

Her doctors argued that it's unlikely that Bynes would take her necessary medications on her own if she were released, which could potentially send her into another bong-throwing, fire-starting spiral.

Further, Bynes, though improving in her lucidity and behavior, still won't acknowledge that she has a mental illness -- which drives her doctors' point home even more than she probably will refuse her meds if left to her own devices.

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