A lot of celebrities and internet wonks have had advice for young starlets gone astray Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. But perhaps no celebrity has had such good advice as Dame Helen Mirren.

The woman is wise and wonderful and the super cool aunt we never had (sorry real-life aunts, we love you -- but even you have to admit DHM would be off-the-hook).

And why do we wish for such things? Because, if the 67-year-old Academy Award-winning actress -- last seen yelling at drummers, atoning for it, and making a dying boy's dreams come true -- were our loving but sassy and down-to-earth aunt, she'd likely tell us, “Don’t be up your own bum, dear.”

And she would be right. See what other wisdom she passes on to her younger and utterly messed-up successors in this clip from her press junket for ‘Red 2.’

Listen to her, girls. She’s had the kind of staying power you can only wish for.

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