Amanda Bynes is up to her newfound wacky antics yet again, this time being caught trespassing at a retirement community in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Maybe she just had a wicked craving to play some shuffleboard? Or perhaps it's always been her dream to call out Bingo numbers.

According to a cab driver who was called by the center to escort a possibly drunk Amanda off the property, she got in his cab and told him, "Get me the f-- out of here ... I don't have any money."

Since that's not how cabs operate, he kicked her out and an argument ensued, with Amanda returning to talk to management only to have the cops called on her for not leaving the property (by the way, she claimed she was there visiting a relative).

TMZ reports that since there's no paper trail showing Bynes was arrested, she might have just been given a ticket for trespassing.

Hey, at least she didn't throw any bongs this time.

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