Amanda Bynes was seen dancing in New York City -- if you can call what was captured on this video "dancing" and not "being attacked by a swarm of invisible locusts" or "my butt itches but I don't want to scratch it in public."

Or maybe she was just twerking out again.

Of course Bynes is claiming that the video is not of her:

But the picture below says otherwise.

"YES, GIRL!!! THAT IS THE LEGENDARY AMANDA BYNES WALKING DOWN THE STREET. #summer2013 #thebitchreallyiscrazy" an Instagram user (the same one who supposedly took the video) posted on his page while following Bynes down Eighth Avenue in New York.

In the photo, she appears to be wearing the same outfit she wore to court this week -- minus the blue wig -- and she even has the same tattoos. So it's probably safe to assume this isn't the work of her infamous impostor.

Amanda Bynes

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