Good news for Amanda Bynes: The troubled starlet's psych hold is the best thing that's happened to her in a while, because the 24/7 monitoring and pill cocktails by her doctors have (knock on wood) gradually returned her to normal. But as usual, there's a bit of a catch.

TMZ reports that doctors at the psychiatric hospital where Bynes is being held have developed a cocktail of medications to quell what they believe to be schizophrenia.

Within the last three days, Bynes reportedly has stopped talking to herself and insulting people and has actually become pretty polite and sweet, even utilizing such phrases as "please" and "thank you."

Sources are cautiously optimistic about her prognosis, as medications can take 7 to 10 days to fully kick in -- and getting the correct combinations and dosage can be extremely tricky to gauge.

What's more, Bynes' improvement may actually not help her case to get sprung from her psych hold. Until doctors can agree on what medications will help her in the long term, and because there's no guarantee that she'd voluntarily take those medications, her judge probably won't sign off on her early release.

And if you thought the handy dandy pills would encourage Bynes' parents to back off on the conservatorship, that's not going to happen. The fact that they seem to be working drives the point home that the one-time Nickelodeon star would likely best survive and thrive under the long term care and supervision that a conservatorship provides.

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