The last we heard of troubled retired millionaire Amanda Bynes, she was deemed unfit to stand trial during her own DUI case last week. Now news is coming in that she's been moved from a UCLA treatment center to a Malibu rehab center. Albeit several weeks ago.

Moving on up?

Said a source close to the situation, "The decision was made to move her to another facility that was in a much more serene setting and nurturing environment. Amanda is actually doing a lot better. It's not only a rehab facility and does offer extensive treatment for patients in need of mental health treatment."

According to TMZ, Bynes has been there for three weeks and is being kept under a special hold called an "LPS" at the facility.

This hold is basically a specialized conservatorship, which puts an adult in charge of a mentally ill adult and is the reason behind Bynes' mother dropping her original conservatorship bid.

We know, it's hard to keep track of these things, but that's why we're here.

For their part, Bynes parents say that the doctors at UCLA recommended the move themselves and that already Amanda is making "great strides towards recovery."

Added her lawyer, "She is getting specialized psych care, one on one treatment, not drug rehab."

Doctors are allegedly treating Bynes for schizophrenia, but she has yet to be officially diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Thus the Amanda Bynes Saga continues.

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