Amanda Bynes was placed under an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold after setting fire to a stranger's driveway in Los Angeles on Monday night (July 22) -- and now that doctors have had time to take a look at her, they've decided she may need serious help.

Ya think?

Psych holds usually only last 72 hours, but according to TMZ, the medical team examining Bynes is seeking a 2-week extension on that in order to properly diagnose her.

Meanwhile, those close to Bynes are pretty convinced she suffers from some type of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. Which would certainly explain why she's always muttering to herself in public and her one-woman games of Point/Counterpoint on Twitter.

As a result of her most recent escapade, her parents are seeking to put the 27-year-old under a conservatorship, using the reasoning that she's finally proven she's unable to take care of herself and could be dangerous to others. (Sources say they've been wanting to do this for a long time but it wasn't until the 5150 hold that they thought a judge would agree to it.)

The one GOOD bit news to come out of this? Her poor dog, whom someone overheard her say was burned and covered in gasoline during the driveway fire, is now safely with Bynes' parents. Now that would have kept us up at night.

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