Shawn Holley -- the west coast half of the counsel that Lindsay Lohan had on retainer because she gets in trouble often enough to need attorneys nationwide -- has finally had enough of her shenanigans and refuses to return to the fold.

Holley was fired by Lindsay's east coast counsel Mark Heller two weeks ago, yet was still nice enough to enter a “not guilty” plea on LiLo's behalf in California for that car accident she lied about.

Lindsay has since begged Holley to come back, claiming she didn't give Heller permission to fire her (despite signing the letter that released her), but sources say Holley -- who has a stellar track record of keeping Lindsay out of jail, despite being owed some $300,000 in fees -- is finally washing her hands of the 'Liz & Dick' star.

Heller, her New York-based attorney, has a shaky reputation at best. And even though he's scurrying about and trying to get the paperwork in order to rep LiLo in time for her Jan. 30 court date in California, he's not exactly the kind of dude we'd call in a moment of need.

It's just the latest example of La Lohan's bad decision-making skills. She recently rejected a plea deal that would've kept her out of jail for sure, and also turned down a half-million-dollar gig on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Since Lindsay's own parents are so worthless and can't provide any adult guidance, maybe Britney Spears' dad Jamie should get involved here. In fact, we have a business idea for him -- start his own rescue service for wayward starlets. Just pulling LiLo off the ledge would keep him busy for the next several years at least.