The continuing courtroom antics steadily march on in Lindsay Lohan's most recent legal woes, this time in relation to her California car accident in which she still claims she wasn't driving even though she totally was.

But rather than accept a plea deal that could keep her out of jail, LiLo has denied all offers of help from prosecutors -- because she's convinced she's “innocent.”

Since fired and long-suffering lawyer Shawn Holley entered a “not guilty” plea deal for Lohan, prosecutors have reportedly offered LiLo a deal that promises no jail time in exchange for six months of “lockdown rehab”.

Despite this literal "get out of jail free" card, Linds says it's a no-go. Rather than taking the deal (and her well-deserved lumps), she refuses to accept fault for the accident and considers such a deal to be a confession of guilt. And she, of course, is guilty of nothing. NOTHING.

Needless to say, sources claim the evidence against Lindsay is overwhelming and she should just take the damned deal already -- because if the case goes to trial, she could face up to 19 months in jail.

What's more, she also faces another 245 days in the clink for lying to the cops about the car crash, which was a direct probation violation in her jewelry heist case.

LiLo is due in court on Jan. 30 -- and if she knows what's good for her, she'll actually show up this time.