Lindsay Lohan, known for making infamously fantastic life and legal decisions, is on a roll this week. Not only did she reject a rehab plea deal that would keep her -- once again -- out of jail, she also may have given walking papers to her long-suffering attorney, Shawn Holley.

Lohan, being the genius and beacon of truth, honor and responsibility that she is, is facing criminal prosecution both in California and New York. Holley was representing her in Cali for her numerous criminal allegations there, most recently lying to cops after crashing a car.

In New York, Lohan is being repped by Mark Heller, who the New York Times (via TMZ) reports is considered a "menace to the public" by other lawyers. (To be fair, we could see why she'd want to be represented in court by someone who could empathize with her.)

Also worth noting? Heller was suspended from practicing law for five years back in 1994. Sounds promising!

Here's where it gets even messier. Heller reportedly fired off a letter giving Holley the boot while Holley was literally on her way to the courthouse to negotiate a rehab plea deal with the judge and prosecutors in Lohan's most recent case. Holley's deal would keep Lohan out of jail if she completed six months of "lockdown rehab."

Of course, none of this is Lohan's fault, because nothing is ever her fault. Lilo swears up and down that she never authorized Heller to fire Holley and that she sees Holley as her "second mom" (which in itself has a slew of negative enabler implications, but whatever).

The problem with that argument? Lohan herself signed the letter granting Heller permission to fire Holley and take over for all of her criminal proceedings. This means she either didn't read it or that she's lying. Either one is a safe bet.

Holley is due in court for an arraignment for Lohan at 8:30 a.m. PST today, even though she's been pinkslipped -- and then possibly re-hired, if Lohan has her way -- because she's still technically the attorney on record for the troubled ginger. Who, by the way, owes her $300,000 in legal fees.

Mama doesn't come cheap.

But here's the rub: Apparently Holley will only appear in court to report LiLo gave her the boot, and Heller can't rep Lohan in a California court because he's not licensed to do so yet. Without any attorneys to appear on her behalf, Lindsay herself is supposed to be there -- but sources say she won't be.

That will violate a court order, and judges typically issue bench warrants for arrests in such cases. Which means LiLo might soon have yet another mug shot to add to her Pinterest board.

UPDATE: Ms. Holley was kind enough to enter a "not guilty" plea on Lindsay's behalf, but the judge was pretty unamused by all the lawyer-shuffling -- so he's making LiLo appear in court herself on Jan. 30. We'll keep you posted on things as they develop (provided we can make sense of them ourselves).

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