Remember how broke Lindsay Lohan is? And how 'The Canyons' pretty much doomed her to never being hired again? You do?

Keep that in mind when you read the following sentence: LiLo rejected a half-million dollar deal to appear on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

TMZ reports that La Lohan was offered $550,000 to appear on the show, which pairs has-beens and never-weres with professional dancers who are usually more famous than they are. In that sense, Lohan would likely be the biggest (well, save for Kirstie Alley or Nancy Grace), most notorious star the show had ever seen.

However, it seemed too low-rent for Linds, who thinks she's too good for reality TV and wants to stick to films. You know, like 'Liz & Dick.'

She's also a bit busy elsewhere to film and rehearse in L.A. all the time anyway.

Continuing her groupie-but-not-girlfriend tour across the pond, La Lohan joined the Wanted's Max George for a hotel room photo op. This was after meeting his family, despite, you know, not being his girlfriend.

Lohan is clad in blue while George rocked a red hoodie and a goofy expression behind her in the mirror selfie. For as unwilling as George is to admit that he's involved with Lohan, he appears to have little issue leaving plenty of photographic evidence behind.

She's been spending quite a bit of time in London lately, but at least she's been getting paid for some of it ... though it's unclear what that time entails.

Considering the legal bills she's incurring, she may want to rethink her stance on the samba.

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