Lindsay Lohan has garnered her fair share of media attention based on her propensity for getting herself in repeated legal trouble and some allegedly sticky fingers, but while all these things keep her in the public eye, they also ultimately keep her out of work.

And a new profile of the actress shed a whole lot of light on how bad the problem really is.

The disastrous New York Times expose titled 'Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie' was an in-depth look at LiLo's behavior on the set of 'The Canyons' -- and it could be the final nail in her unemployment coffin.

Writer Stephen Rodrick was on hand for pretty much every minute of the movie's production, and he reports that during a read-through with cast and crew on the very first day (she was late for that, by the way), Lindsay was already editing the script: “Across the table, Funk [her costar] could see that his name had been crossed out in Lohan's script and underneath were the names of three or four actors as possible replacements.”

When she was initially fired for going missing for days on end and refusing to answer phone calls or texts, she showed up at the hotel where director Paul Shrader was staying, pounded on doors until she found him, and then texted him maniacally. He didn't let her in, but texted back, “Lindsay, go home."

"The hotel manager rang up to ask if he should call the cops," Rodrick wrote. "Schrader told him no and sat down on his bed. Lohan stayed out in the hall sobbing for another 90 minutes before she finally left.”

After being rehired, Lohan didn't do much to endear herself further. She once bailed from set with friends and ran-up an enormous lunch tab she expected the strapped-for-cash production to pay for -- sushi, sake and vodka to the tune of $600.

"[That amount was] huge on this movie. That's six guys' pay for the day," explained producer Braxton Pope.

Schrader also noted that LiLo had a doctor on call to make up excuses for her. After partying with Lady Gaga until 5:30 a.m. when she had a 6:00 a.m. set time, her doctor said Lindsay had an inner-ear infection and couldn't work that day.

"That's her doctor, he'll say whatever she wants. I shot one day from a stretcher. She could do it, but she doesn't want to," Schrader told the NY Times.

Perhaps most disturbing, though, was an incident during filming. The scene called for co-star James Deen to throw her to floor, and he did -- hard.

"Lohan lay slumped on the floor, her hands guarding her face, shoulders shaking, tears pouring down her cheeks," Rodrick wrote. "[Afterwards] Lohan fumbled for a cigarette. She headed downstairs, and someone complimented her work. 'Well, I’ve got a lot of experience with that from my dad.'"


Pretty much everyone is talking about this article right now (we've only mentioned a few highlights), and it's a fascinating inside look at, well, what continues to make Lohan so fascinating. So if you have some time to kill, we recommend reading it.

For her part, Lohan is telling friends the piece was "mostly accurate," except one part that claimed she drove off the set after having too much to drink. She says she's "not that stupid and irresponsible."

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