Kanye West thinks that Apple founder Steve Jobs had to die so that he could live, and Scott Disick spends three hours getting ready every day for a job that doesn't require leaving the house. With their powers combined they are ... the Dynamic Duo of Douche. (We'll get around to a theme song eventually.)

As if that weren't enough, they recently joined forces to recreate a scene from 'American Psycho' to promote Kanye's newest album 'Yeezus.' Why? Oh who knows.

Since Disick bears a certain resemblance to Christian Bale's turn as Patrick Bateman, and since he's obviously obsessed with the misogynistic character, West cast him in the role -- which required Disick to faux-murder Kim Kardashian's bestie Jonathan Cheban while yammering on about the evolution of Kanye's music.

Like his previous promotional tools, this video was projected on the side of a building. This one just boasted 100 percent fewer floating disembodied Kanye West heads.

You can check out the entire video (filmed off the side of a building in Texas) above. NSFW due to language, violence and Scott Disick's "acting."

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