Happy Friday! Today (Sept. 6), stars were arrested, took tumbles, joined Facebook and shared all manner of things from their upcoming tours to their poetry to their album artwork. Basically, just your average day in the world of celebrities on the Twitters.

Kelly Osbourne has finally given in to the peer pressure of Facebook.

And according to Miley Cyrus, it's great for ranting on.

Oh, and her drum kit now also doesn't know how to keep its tongue in its mouth.

Thanks to Howard Stern, we won't be able to sleep tonight.

It's definitely possible that Katy Perry's album was made by a student learning PhotoShop.

Lady Gaga is sharing her 'Wizard of Oz' themed poetry.

If you had a birthday today, you're lucky because Cher wished you a happy one.

Kristin Cavallari was arrested in Illinois for being from California. Kinda.

We don't know what Karen Gillan is talking about, but we have some hypothetical situations in mind.

Josh Groban is combining all the internet's viral videos into one.

Carrie Underwood injured herself onstage but still managed to laugh it off.

We think Will Arnett won the pun contest that we were running in our heads today.

Sarah Silverman continues to ruin things just by existing.

And Kanye West and his god complex are going on tour. Yay!

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