Scott Disick's role model is clearly 'American Psycho' main character Patrick Bateman, played in the movie (based on Brett Easton Ellis' novel) by Christian Bale. They both prefer to dress in expensive suits, have an extensive beauty routine, make lots of cash for very little work, have perfected that dead-in-the-eyes look, and enjoy chopping up women with axes. Emotionally, if not physically.

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy completed his transformation into the crazed serial killer for his 'American Psycho'-themed Halloween party in 2012, in which he threw on all the clothes he normally wears (including sunglasses at night), grabbed an ax and borrowed Kris Jenner's Walkman before spouting soundbites like, "If I'm a murderer, wouldn't I be the wrong person to f--- with?"

We wonder what Patrick Bateman would think about all this. We're guessing it would probably end with Disick in lots of tiny little pieces with some sweet accompanying tunes during the slaughter.

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