It's Hump Day (September 18) but thankfully no one seemed to notice that much. In fact, some stars didn't even realize it was September as they were busy filming a Christmas episode of their reality show. We'll just let that sink in a bit. For the rest of us, it's mid-September.

Hugh Jackman will be doing a one man benefit show for one night only.

You could be the proud owner of Rihanna's kiss, but not in that way.

Yes, Neil Patrick Harris will have a song and dance number during the Emmys.

Lady Gaga went on a long rant which was basically explaining her single 'Applause.'

Then she stopped caring about all that.

Apparently the Kardashians are filming a Christmas episode of their show. In September. ::facepalm::

You know who deserves all the hugs? RJ Mitte.

James Franco is making his own fake headlines for the paparazzi.

This is Tyra Banks' confused face.

And Cher wishes the things she said about Miley Cyrus had been more succinct.

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