Kanye West doesn't need Yeezus. He needs a good lawyer.

The oft-embattled MC is facing criminal charges stemming from his lash out at a paparazzo, including criminal battery and attempted theft.

A refresher course: In July, mere days after instructing the paparazzi to leave him alone and never talk to him nor anyone in his circle, one particular pap, Daniel Ramos, harassed West. Yeezy, never one to, you know, necessarily check his temper, flipped out on the instigating photog, attempting to grab his camera. This led to a small scuffle ... and a lawsuit from camera-happy harpy Gloria Allred.

TMZ reports that Allred claimed her client, Ramos, was badly injured in the attack. Ramos was hospitalized for the alleged injuries.

If convicted of both misdemeanor charges, Ye faces up to one year in jail. Fun fact? Ramos, also known as Dano, is the same guy who harassed Britney Spears to the point of her beating his SUV, which he later auctioned off on eBay, with an umbrella. Sounds like a fine, upstanding, credible guy to us ... or not.

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