Kim Kardashian's internet-breaking derriere may have reached its cultural high point with last year's Paper magazine photoshoot, but an image posted today (July 9) proves that her body can still get people talking.

System magazine posted the above image, which sees Mrs. Kardashian West relaxing on a big ol' pile of dirt while wearing a nude bodysuit with a gold bra and black thigh-highs (classic loungewear). According to the caption, Kim is NOT trespassing on a construction site — the photo was taken at the historic Château d’Ambleville in France. It seems like a chateau would have a comfy fainting couch or two?

The buttcheek-y image heralds the publication of System's booklet featuring photos of Kim and husband Kanye West, taken by renowned photographer Juergen Teller back when the reality star still had platinum blonde hair. US Weekly has a few more shots from the booklet, in which Kim also drapes herself on scratchy lumps of hay. The photos were styled by Kanye — so if you've got a special someone in your life, be thankful that they've never asked you to lay supine on some rubble for the sake of art.

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

If these images have whetted your appetite for even more photos of Kim atop piles of things in expensive lingerie — or if you're just a KimYe 'shipper completist — you can buy Kanye, Juergen and Kim one of two ways: Trek to Idea Books in London where it will be on sale exclusively for a limited period, or wait until July 11 to order it at

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