To debut his track 'New Slaves,' Kanye West projected his large, disembodied head onto the side of 66 buildings around the world on Friday, May 17, like a ginormous Wizard of Oz who uses the "n" word a lot.

Ye made the proclamation on Twitter, pointing people to his web site where they could view an interactive map of all the buildings being graced by his mug (locales included New York, London, Paris, and Chicago).

'New Slaves' is a hodgepodge of commentary on everything from paparazzi to race relations, and with lines like "I'd rather be a d-ck than a swallower," it's easy to see why Yeezy is considered the Shakespeare of his generation.

The song will appear on his upcoming album, which was rumored to be titled 'I Am God.' Turns out that was wrong -- the actual title will be 'Yeezus.' Which is only slightly less arrogant.

Kanye does indeed have many parallels to Jesus, though. He's persecuted everywhere. And, of course, paparazzi attempted to crucify him on a "Danger! Tire Damage!" pole.

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