Brooke Mueller checked into the Betty Ford Center so she could hang out with Lindsay Lohan in rehab.

This should end well.

TMZ reports that Mueller went to rehab at the center, where she's staying in the hospital wing, specifically so she could see LilLo during her stay. Both ladies have close ties with Charlie Sheen -- Lohan uses him as a mentor and sugar daddy while Mueller was married to, abused by and divorced from the 'Anger Management' star.

As you may have heard, Mueller recently gave up their kids to another of Sheen's ex-wives, Denise Richards, because as it turns out, it's sort of dangerous to have children around drugs all the time.

Sources told Radar Online that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services weren't crazy about her going to the same rehab center as La Lohan, and that Mueller isn't guaranteed to get her twin boys, Bob and Max, back when she gets out.

This marks Mueller's 20th -- no exaggeration -- trip to rehab.

Meanwhile, Lohan's co-star in 'The Canyons,' James Deen, who hasn't always spoken of her so kindly, has had a shift in perspective -- especially in light of working with 'Teen Mom' cum 'Back Door Teen Mom' star (see what we did there?) Farrah Abraham.

“Honestly, after this whole experience I really do miss Lindsay,” Deen admitted. “I've been taught that movie star and reality star is very different and I just miss Lindsay.”

Of course, he doesn't miss her enough to keep in touch with her, but nevermind that. He just thinks she's an upgrade from Abraham ... and when Lohan's on-set behavior is better than someone else's, it's safe to assume the other person probably has horns and a tail.

Maybe Abraham has had more plastic surgery than we thought.

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