Happy almost Friday, everyone! It's still the Jewish New Year, so go ahead and keep on partying like it's 5774. Read: inside flying cars, which have to be invented by then. Twitter was a mixed bag today (Sept. 5), but there was a bunch of old man jokes and even some collaboration afoot.

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are teaming up.

Busy Philipps' daughter has a long, if accurate, nickname.

Today is a day of jokes about old white men. Thanks, Ellen Page.

Kathy Griffin auditioned to officiate Lance Bass' wedding, and we love that.

Demi Lovato has a problem, and the first step toward fixing it is admitting to it.

Zach Braff failed the '80s.

James Deen is looking for someone to shoot an adult film with him. Really.

We kinda dig Sean Lowe's lines to Catherine Giudici.

Elizabeth Banks let her inner nerd shine through.

And Wil Wheaton gave out tips for enjoying your life more.

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