Lindsay Lohan's Tour de Fail continued today, with legal, career and personal drama. An underachiever, she is not.

Lohan's long suffering attorney, Shawn Holley, has filed papers to immediately be removed from her charge. Lohan signed the official docs, which would ostensibly allow disgraced Big Apple attorney Mark Heller to rep her ... except he's not licensed to practice in California.

Heller needs a California lawyer to sponsor him, but the one he picked hasn't practiced ever -- and thinks she signed on to sponsor someone else in his firm. As a result, Lilo may be without a lawyer on Wednesday, Jan. 30, when she heads to court for her next hearing.

That'll end well (for Holley, anyway) provided Judge Stephanie Sautner signs off of it. Which she may not.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Lohan's co-star in 'The Canyons,' porn actor James Deen, said she acted like a spoiled toddler on set. That's got to be pretty awkward for a dude who does mostly adult films.

"There were days when she would scream and yell and cry and refuse to come out," Deen told The Sun. "In porn I am used to working with professionals who are courteous to others. But Lindsay was like a child lashing out."

Speaking of porn, Deen specified that one scene in particular got Lohan worked up: a four-way.

"We were all standing around naked and the next thing Lindsay was screaming, 'Put your clothes on. For the love of God put your clothes on!'" he vented. "So we all put our robes on. But then she sat on the bed topless. When I asked her why she said she was 'allowed to.' With that I dropped my towel and she stormed off set. She then refused to return until the entire crew stripped."

Wait, what?

In any case, one person Lohan has no issue seeing naked is Max George of the Wanted, and apparently she's cool with their relationship not going much beyond that.

Sources tell TMZ that the pair really are just friends with benefits. Those benefits apparently include vodka, naked leap frog and meeting his parents.

Can you hear that? That's the sound of settling.

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