Social workers have taken Charlie Sheen's twin sons away from their mother Brooke Mueller and placed them with another of his ex-wives: Denise Richards, who really deserves some sort of medal by now.

As you may recall, Richards also took care of the kids back in December, when Mueller entered rehab for the 20th time. (Seriously.)

As a source close to the dysfunctional situation told Radar Online, "Brooke was given many opportunities by social workers to clean up her act. Social workers felt that Bob and Max weren’t safe in Brooke’s care."

E! News reports that Mueller is sometimes absent from her home for days at a time.

As for why Denise wound up with temporary custody, a source said, "The boys have spent so much time with Denise that it was the logical choice ... Charlie is completely supportive of it and wants what's best for the boys ... The boys are so happy right now. It got to a point where they didn't want to go home to Brooke anymore."

"They’re our family and they’re [my daughters'] brothers," Denise once said. "So anytime [Brooke] needs help, I’m there for the boys. I know it doesn’t seem normal, but it is our normal."

Forget the medal. Can we just nominate her for sainthood?

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