The Betty Ford Clinic, where Lindsay Lohan is undergoing her 90-day court-mandated rehab, wants to bring Michael and Dina Lohan together for a good ol' fashioned family trainwreck bonding session.

“Families are encouraged to participate in group therapy,” a source told RadarOnline.

According to the source, clinic staff believe that having Michael and Dina come in for a "series of sessions" may help their embattled daughter with her recovery -- but considering those two are like a mongoose and a snake rooting for opposite teams in the World Cup, it may be difficult.

Dina commented right away, slurring, "Where did you hear that from? News to me! I have a warrant for child support against him ... he owes thousands in back child support.”

To be fair, almost everything is news to Dina. (Quick, somebody tell her Barack Obama was re-elected so she can get hammered in celebration.)

Michael, of course, denied her claims about the child support and provided a copy of a probably slimy check for $8,500 that he claims covers the debt.

He also said he would help Linds in any way the clinic sees fit, commenting, “I will gladly attend, like I’ve always wanted to. It’s the only thing that will give Lindsay resolve and a chance to finally have her life and both parents back in her life."

“This is about Lindsay, not Dina or me. Our family needs healing and that’s the only way Lindsay is going to beat this.”

If his past behavior is any indication, what this really means is "I'm going to exploit the hell out of this thing and sell every detail I can to the tabloids."

Regardless, we hope the family powwow happens. Not just because we're rooting for Lindsay, but because we can't wait to see Dina try to sneak a fifth of vodka into the treatment center via a secret compartment in her Jimmy Choos.

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