Dina Lohan showed up to a charity art auction event Tuesday night, March 12, because apparently no one told her that paintings aren't made of gin.

Sources told the NY Daily News that Lohan -- Lindsay's mother and sometime roommate -- lived up to her hard-partying reputation by getting good and sloshed at the Rock Love Art Ball on the Lower East Side.

“[During dinner], she said the self-serve steak on the table was the best steak she had ever eaten," a witness said. "And when someone would receive an award, Dina would start clapping and stand up, the only one in the room standing."

When the auction finally commenced, Dina kept clapping and started waving her arms about, prompting a reprimand from the auctioneer, who told her, “Ma’am, I have to remind you, when I see your hands above your eyebrows it means that you are bidding."

And since Lindsay's pretty much flat broke and that's where her 50-year-old mother's money typically comes from, we're guessing she didn't have much business bidding on anything. (LiLo, by the way, was supposed to be at the event but couldn't make it.)

As per usual, Mama Lohan was spotted getting multiple refills of wine throughout the night. Then a massage therapist came over for a chat, and she slurred her way into a free session right there at the table.

"The next thing you know, Dina is getting a neck rub with her head down. The massage therapist said Dina had a lot of tension in her neck and is probably stressed out,” said the source.

Dina also shed some light on the upcoming sell-out of her kids memoir she's writing, telling a reporter, “It’s totally cathartic, but my kids are like, write the book already. So I think it’s time. I’m doing it more for my children than for me to shed light on what really went down when Lindsay was little and what she had to deal with."

So look for that atop the New York Times bestseller list. Or, more likely, atop a pile of discarded wine bottle corks.

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