Dina Lohan, beacon of truth and lucidity, is proclaiming innocence once again. The Orange Oprah is pleading not guilty to her DUI, because it clearly wasn't her fault. You know, just like Lindsay Lohan's troubled upbringing wasn't her fault, either.

Dina appeared in court yesterday (Sept. 24) with attorney Mark Heller (the same guy who almost ruined daughter Lilo's chances at freedom) in tow.

Dina pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge stemming from her arrest on Sept. 12 for drunk driving after she was clocked going 77 in a 55MPH zone. It's hard to plead not guilty and be taken seriously when you blew a .20 on a Breathalyzer, but hey -- we're not lawyers. She was ticketed for both speeding and drunk driving.

The judge in Dina's case suspended her license at the hearing, so she left court in a silver Rolls Royce, because of course she did. She's due back Oct. 13. Here's hoping she gets a ride there, too.

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