Lindsay Lohan clearly doesn't take her trouble with the law seriously, or else she'd stay out of it. But on the bright side, it may well make for awesome TV.

The starlet, more famous for going to (or missing) court dates than for most of her work on camera, had no issues making fun of herself on 'Anger Management' alongside pal and frequent bailer-outer Charlie Sheen.

A behind-the-scenes clip of Lohan on the set of the FX show has surfaced, and it reminds the world how she got famous to begin with: She's still, when given the right material, relatively charming onscreen -- and there isn't any indication that the crew couldn't stand her, either ... but then again, it's only a two-minute vid.

In one scene, Sheen (whom she actually kisses on the mouth this time) can't stop laughing when his character tells LiLo -- playing herself -- that he has to go to jail for "about an hour," and she replies, "You must have a great lawyer!"

Speaking of, Lohan may not have a great lawyer, but Mark Heller is a slippery enough one to just escape trouble.

Radar Online reports that Heller, who was under investigation for witness tampering in Lohan's lying to cops case, is off the hook ... for now, at least.

Heller was suspected of messing with witness Gavin Doyle, Lohan's former assistant who was in the Porsche with her when she crashed it -- and who she agreed, but never outright said, that was driving.

Initial reports suggested that Doyle was going to throw Lohan under the bus (or in this case, the cement truck) for her own good, but he wound up being remarkably quiet when subpoenaed and questioned.

“For now, no action will be taken by law enforcement in Southern California in connection with allegations that Mark Heller asked Lohan’s former assistant, Gavin Doyle, to change his testimony at her lying to cops trial,” a source said.

“Nothing can be done right now, because, unfortunately, Gavin has been less than forthcoming with information. Unless something changes and Gavin decides to reveal more about the allegations, Mark is off the hook.”

In plain terms: Doyle is shutting up and was likely paid off somehow, but they have no proof. That's our take, anyway. We're here to help!