Lindsay Lohan may finally have some work coming her way, but she's got a lot of work ahead of her in terms of staying out of the slammer.

Lohan will appear with pal and frequent monetary contributor Charlie Sheen on 'Anger Management,' playing herself as a patient and love interest for Sheen's character, Dr. Charlie Goodson.

The episode will air in April on FX to coincide with Sheen and Lilo's release of 'Scary Movie 5.' Here's hoping she got clauses in this contract not to kiss Sheen on the mouth again.

Lohan's going to need those paychecks for her legal bills, especially if wannabe Matlock Mark Heller remains her rep.

In her lying to cops case, TMZ reports that Heller is trying to get the entire thing thrown out of court on grounds that Lohan wasn't read her Miranda rights.

Heller's motion to dismiss the case likely won't fly for a few reasons.

For one, Lohan (for once) wasn't in police custody. Two, it's customary and legal to ask questions after a car crash without Mirandizing anyone. Three, Lohan's entertainment lawyer was present for the entire interview.

Perhaps most bizarrely, Heller filed his paperwork as a "Bill of Particulars," which is not only unheard of in California, but also includes a motion to suppress evidence, a motion to continue the case and a motion to dismiss charges.

Basically, she would have been better off if Heller filed paperwork that consisted of dinosaur drawings and botched Sudoku puzzles.

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