While Lindsay Lohan has shown in the past she has no qualms about using Charlie Sheen for a payday when she needs quick cash, apparently she doesn't like it he teams up with the paparazzi to talk about her.

Lest you forget, Sheen recently said that despite a lack of interest in making LiLo one of his goddesses, he does want to help her straighten out the mess her life has become.

“I have a kinship with somebody who clearly needs a mentor, whether she wants one or not,” Sheen told press about Lindsay. “She can continue to hang out with her dress shredding club buddies, or turn to me for some advice from a guy who’s been down the road as well as every other side trail on the journey.”

Lohan's take? He's probably not the best role model.

Sources close to Lohan told TMZ that while she appreciates everything the 'Platoon' actor has done for her -- including financial bailouts, gown payments and offers of work -- she doesn't think it necessarily puts him in a place to advise her.

Apparently Lohan admits she knows her life is "out of control," but doesn't think Sheen's "takes one to know one" perspective is what she needs to get back on track. The starlet's been seeing a therapist regularly and thinks it's helping, since her actual therapist doesn't talk to the media about her.

Oh, and speaking of people talking about Lohan, her former assistant, Gavin Doyle, is all ready to testify against her in court regarding that case in which she allegedly lied to the cops.

“Gavin was formally subpoenaed by prosecutors last month. He was the passenger in the Porsche Lindsay was driving when the car accident happened last summer,” a source told Radar Online.

“Gavin has been cooperating with prosecutors and will testify that Lindsay was driving the car that day. He will tell the truth, because he has nothing to hide," the source added. "He has been extremely concerned for her health and well-being.”

Lohan, who has rejected plea deal after plea deal -- and whose attorney was deemed incompetent by the judge in her case -- is expected to go to trial later this month, and she probably won't like what happens.

“Lindsay will likely be stunned at Gavin’s willingness to cooperate with the case against her," the source continued. "Gavin just wants Lindsay to get her life together. If Lindsay doesn't reach a plea deal in the case, Gavin will testify against her, and he won’t be forced to do it.”

Perhaps in an attempt to forget about all the loose lips she's dealing with, Lohan was once more spotted locking lips with DJ Julian Cavin. And literally falling all over herself in the process.

The New York Daily News reports Lohan was partying so hard on Saturday night with Cavin that she actually fell into the DJ booth while she was dancing. A spy noted, "She was a mess. A big mess.”

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