Charlie Sheen

Third Generation
Charlie Sheen's daughter Cassandra Estevez had her first child yesterday (July 17), meaning that Sheen's tiger blood is successfully running through a third generation. Also that the 47-year-old is now a grandfather.
Loch It Up
Charlie Sheen has done some crazy things in his time, but taking a private jet to Scotland for 24 hours to locate the Loch Ness Monster would have to at least rank in the top five. Even for him.
Daddy Dearest
Charlie Sheen has been paying his ex wife and mother to his twin sons, Brooke Mueller, child support since their split.
He's over that now -- because he doesn't think his child support payments are actually supporting his kids. He may be onto something.
'He's So Old'
Newly-minted porn star Farrah Abraham had a real shot at becoming Charlie Sheen's new goddess -- right up until she leaked their text messages. That prompted an enraged response from Sheen.
But hey, no big. Farrah, 22, says she'd never date him anyway ... because he's super old.
She's Outta There
Well, that was quick.
After a single day of waiting in limbo, Selma Blair has officially been sacked by 'Anger Management' after Charlie Sheen threw a hissyfit and threatened to quit if she wasn't cut.
Charlie's Lack of 'Anger Management'
Looks like Selma Blair won't be becoming a goddess anytime soon.
Charlie Sheen has major beef with his 'Anger Management' co-star, and it's escalated to a point where he's acting like a complete prima donna -- telling producers that if she shows up on the set, he's going…
Farrah Needs Some Aloe
As we reported yesterday, Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen have been texting, and she proudly showed TMZ proof of such.
But Charlie was none too pleased about her revelation, and he's now penned an acidic missive to the teen mom that seeks to put her back in her place. Wherever that may be.
Text Me
Looks like Farrah Abraham is one step closer to becoming a goddess, because she's officially been texting Charlie Sheen for a month now.
Help Wanted
Charlie Sheen collects porn star girlfriends (whom he's often dubbed his "goddesses") like Leonardo DiCaprio collects supermodels, so it should come as no surprise that the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' herself, Farrah Abraham, received a call from everyone's favorite war…
Hola, Carlos
Charlie Sheen is finally back to embracing his roots.
After 30 years going by the stage name, Sheen is returning to the name he was born with: Carlos Estevez.
Money Changes Everything
Denise Richards is still taking care of Brooke Mueller's children with Charlie Sheen while she parties rehabs with Lindsay Lohan at the Betty Ford clinic.
Now Mueller's hatching a plan to get the twins back -- and the hefty child support check that comes with them.
St. Denise
Social workers have taken Charlie Sheen's twin sons away from their mother Brooke Mueller and placed them with another of his ex-wives: Denise Richards, who really deserves some sort of medal by now.
Late-sey Lohan
Despite warnings from producers that she should show up on time for the 'Scary Movie 5' premiere, Lindsay Lohan was beyond fashionably late anyway.
Hands up from anyone who's surprised.
(Really? Back there in the back? You must be new.)
Charlie on 'Conan'
Charlie Sheen made perhaps the best entrance ever onto the 'Conan' sound stage last night (April 11), climbing out of a tank with two scantily clad ladies. The reason? He hasn't been on the Warner Bros. lot since his infamous fallout with Chuck Lorre, the creator of 'Two and a Ha…

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