Farrah Abraham

Help Wanted
Charlie Sheen collects porn star girlfriends (whom he's often dubbed his "goddesses") like Leonardo DiCaprio collects supermodels, so it should come as no surprise that the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' herself, Farrah Abraham, received a call from everyone's favorite warlock.
That Time I Met Farrah Abraham
My home state of Wisconsin is not a pinnacle of excitement. Occasionally something interesting will happen, but it usually involves a serial killer. So when I heard that Farrah Abraham was going to be visiting the state capital as part of her cross-country meet-and-greet tour, I knew I had to go...
On the Wagon
As we told you previously, Farrah Abraham pled guilty to her Nebraska DUI charges. But now the horrific terms of her deal are coming to light: She won't be able to booze it up for a full six months.
Back Door Deal
Before Farrah Abraham was a porn star who tried to pretend a private sex tape was stolen, she was a 'Teen Mom' alum who had trouble taking responsibility for her actions. And who drove and crashed her car while drunk, but then was all, "I didn't deserve a DUI! I wasn't driving driving." She was just kidding, guys. Now she admits she totes was driving.
Hey There Lonely Girl
Farrah Abraham showed up to Exxxotica 2013 in Fort Lauderdale this weekend to hawk signed copies of that video where she let James Deen pick the lock on her backdoor, and she was largely left alone.
Anger Management
We haven't heard much from Farrah Abraham lately, but don't worry -- she still has the tabloids on speed-dial. This time around, she continues to be bitter that James Deen blew the lid on her 'Back Door Teen Mom' porno. You know, the one she tried to pass off as a private sex tape, despite hiring a professional porn star to appear in it with her and selling it through Vivid. Her latest allegation
Alternate Reality
Taking yet another page from the Kim Kardashian playbook (despite not thinking she's a great role model), Farrah Abraham is getting her own reality show following the success of her sex tape.
Bad news for those of you who wanted to drain $15K on something stained with Farrah Abraham's boob sweat: eBay cancelled an auction featuring the crystal-encrusted bikini Farrah wore on the cover of 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom' -- because it hadn't been washed since she last wore it.
Shame on You
Until this week, Chrissy Teigen was somewhat famous for modeling bikinis, her prolific tweeting habit, and being engaged to singer John Legend. Now? She's known for slut-shaming Farrah Abraham. When people tried explaining the concept to the Sports Illustrated model, she did what people losing arguments tend to do: Change the subject and insult everyone.
Farrah Speaks
Farrah Abraham, famous teen mom of the "backdoor" variety, has finally opened up (ha!) about her life, sexual proclivities, and crippling ennui.
Slow Your Role Model
Farrah Abraham is taking this porn thing a lot more seriously than she takes parenthood or (planning parenthood). She's set to appear at a porn expo because, you know, she's super private about her sex tape.
'Back Door' Deal
So remember how Farrah Abraham called paparazzi on herself when she went to buy a pregnancy test in full makeup, hair and heels? James Deen is pretty mad about that.
Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham became famous for being a 'Teen Mom,' then infamous for becoming a 'Back Door Teen Mom.' And now she's apparently afraid of becoming a 'Single Porn Star Mom.'
Farrah > Kim
Farrah Abraham is putting her porno money to good use. She previously said her daughter Sophia's college fund is paid for, and so are her own implants (breast and chin) and rhinoplasty, so now she can blow cash on fun stuff -- like Lamborghinis. And she can also blow hot air about being a better role model than Kim Kardashian. Because there's no better person to look up to than someone who brings
Happy Endings
Farrah Abraham didn't just film 'Back Door Teen Mom' for a quick payday. She also did it for her soul. Well, maybe.
Study Hard
Farrah Abraham got confused during a conversation with one of the many paparazzo she now calls friends. In a conversation that was supposed to be about her new diet pill endorsement deal, someone said the word "testing." And given her recent exploits, her mind went places most wouldn't.
Chivalry Isn't Dead
Porn stars need to stick together -- and not just literally. XXX star James Deen has come out in defense of his 'Backdoor Teen Mom' co-star Farrah Abraham after social media sites exploded upon seeing the 21-year-old mother hide his salami in every which way possible.
Out With a Bang
Farrah Abraham used her talents wisely. Her professionally shot and released porn, which she initially tried to pass off as a leaked sex tape, has already pretty much broken the internet.
So, Read Any Good Books Lately?
Instead of rolling around in bath tubs full of hundred dollar bills after her almost $1 million dollar porn deal like a normal person, Farrah Abraham has been doing some tweeting. And you can tweet at her, too, so long as you don't mention the video.
Haters Gon' Hate
Despite selling her porno, 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,' for just under $1 million, Farrah Abraham continues to pretend that she never really meant for anyone to see it.

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