Farrah Abraham is really good at taking off her clothes -- it's her only real skill set. But she's not even good enough to do that for Playboy.

The men's bible outright rejected the 'Backdoor Teen Mom' star not once, but twice. Wah wah.

TMZ reports that Abraham approached Playboy about doing a full-frontal spread in an upcoming issue, claiming it was a "lifelong dream" of hers. (Similarly, we imagine her daughter, Sophia, has a lifelong dream of a mom who can put parenting above paparazzi ops.)

Playboy rejected Abraham, but she didn't give up. She implored Hef's handbook once more to show her stuff (you know, the stuff everyone's seen already), and they shot her down again. Their response? That they just don't have room for her.

Or her ego. Or her delusions of grandeur. Looks like both Farrah and Sophia have to dream bigger.