Chris Brown

Chris Brown Covers Girlfriend's Porsche With His Graffiti
After some of his neighbors raised hell, Chris Brown recently painted over the monsters he'd graffiti'd on the outside walls of his Hollywood home. But it looks like he found another (very expensive) canvas for his artwork: his girlfriend Karrueche Tran's $90,000 Porsche.
Chris Brown Sentenced to 1,000 Hours of Community Labor
Recent legal victories aside, Chris Brown isn't 100% in the clear just yet with the long arm of the law. Now, because a judge believes that he didn't properly complete his community service as part of his probation after beating Rihanna in 2009, he has to complete 1,000 more hours of labor…
Chris Brown's Hit and Run Case Dismissed
Chris Brown was facing some potential jail time in a hit and run case, in which it was alleged that he left the scene of an accident without giving proper identification -- which Brown denies, seeing as he complained on Twitter that he did indeed give her his driver's license information.
But because…
Chris Brown Sued Over Frank Ocean Fight
Chris Brown better be careful, because if lawyers and negativity cause his seizures, he may have another health problem on his hands soon. The 'Fine China' singer is getting sued over his brawl with Frank Ocean in late January.
Chris Brown Reportedly Suffers Seizure
Lil Wayne isn't the only musician that has to deal with seizures. Trouble magnet Chris Brown reportedly suffered a seizure at a Hollywood studio early this morning (Aug. 9) but refused treatment at the scene of the incident.
Suited Up
Even though their inane fight over who got to date Rihanna injured multiple people and caused an untold amount of damage, a judge let Drake and Chris Brown off the hook because boys will be boys.
Kind of.
Probation Revoked
Chris Brown had his probation revoked today for possible violations after being involved in a hit and run back in May. While no criminal charges were brought, hitting a car and failing to swap information with the other driver was enough to put his freedom in danger.
Since, you know, being on probati…
Roger That
Just like Chris Brown doesn't care about his neighbors' kids, motor vehicle laws or Rihanna, his camp doesn't give a hoot about his poor marketability.
When a Canadian telecommunications giant pulled out of a huge radio concert following Breezy being added to the lineup, they ignored just what makes …
Celebrity Treatment
Chris Brown will most likely not face prosecution for a hit and run case back in May, where he was charged with rear-ending a Mercedes and driving off without giving the other driver his proper information -- something Brown vehemently denies, of course.
But while you'd think his legal team would be …
Obama on the Text
Jay-Z is a busy guy. He's got Presidents of the United States to text. He doesn't have time for Chris Brown and Rihanna's adolescent drama. And he said so quite plainly.
What a Monster
After frightening children and getting complaints from his neighbors, Chris Brown finally decided to paint over those monsters he graffitied onto the gates of his home.
But he wants you to know it was his decision and his decision alone and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the city …
He Said, She Said
Seems Chris Brown thinks he and his on-again-off-again ex-girlfriend Rihanna are cool. But based on one of her recent Instagram posts, they are anything but.

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