Chris Brown better be careful, because if lawyers and negativity cause his seizures, he may have another health problem on his hands soon. The 'Fine China' singer is getting sued over his brawl with Frank Ocean in late January.

The Associated Press reports that Sha'keir Duarte is suing Brown for unspecified damages in Los Angeles Superior Court, saying he suffered a concussion, humiliation and mental anguish after being punched by a member of Brown's entourage.

Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, said the charges are frivolous, griping, "This is what gives lawyers and lawsuits a bad name is garbage like this." Geragos also noted that he plans on getting the charges dismissed as well as on countersuing Duarte.

Duarte claims that a member of Brown's entourage known only as "Hood" beat him during the scuffle and that Brown himself taunted Duarte and said the fight could snowball into a shooting. (Uh, yikes.)

Ocean himself never even pressed charges against Brown, saying he just would rather let it go.

Just imagine: All this over ... a parking spot. Really, guys?

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