Chris Brown has once again gotten himself out of his legal troubles, but this time around it was for something he actually didn't do. Specifically, he is not going to be charged for allegedly assaulting a girl at a nightclub.

This all stems back in June at the Heat Ultra Lounge where Brown was performing. The victim claimed Brown pushed her to the ground to get to the bar, but witnesses say she was acting like a nutball the whole night, climbing over things to get closer to Brown.

Said girl sued after injuring herself during the evening, even though the nightclub owner denied her claims, saying she was a crazy fan who hurt herself.

Due to a lack of evidence, the Anaheim City Attorney rejected the case, but the supposed victim is still suing for her pain and suffering.

Brown, however, has other fish to fry, and other things to do for the law. Specifically: re-completing 1,000 hours of community labor which it's believed he originally falsified.

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