For a long time -- pretty much ever since he put a fist through Rihanna's face four years ago, lots of people have wished Chris Brown would go away already. And according to him, they just might get their wish.

(JK, they totally won't.)

On Tuesday morning, Brown posted these messages to his Twitter account:

This has been a recurring theme for Breezy -- people can't seem to forgive him for the Rihanna beating, and he can't seem to understand why. (Maybe if he'd stop throwing things through windows or getting into bar fights or just being a general douche, he'd have a shot.)

So what he does when he's feeling particularly low -- which he probably was yesterday after turning himself in for a hit and run he says never happened -- is threatening to take his ball and go home.

Because while some will applaud the idea, Breezy knows he still has millions of fans who will be defiant on his behalf, fighting the fight so he doesn't have to. And lending credence to his self-created mythology of Chris Brown the Victim.

But rest assured, he isn't going anywhere. This latest episode did serve two purposes, though -- one, it stroked his ego, and two, it was an enormous amount of free publicity for his new album, 'X,' which drops on Aug. 20.

Well played, Breezy. Well played.

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