Recent legal victories aside, Chris Brown isn't 100% in the clear just yet with the long arm of the law. Now, because a judge believes that he didn't properly complete his community service as part of his probation after beating Rihanna in 2009, he has to complete 1,000 more hours of labor.

This all came to the attention of the judge because the District Attorney in charge of the case believed that Brown was falsifying his community service time, even being accused of relaxing in Cancun when paperwork (that happened to be submitted by his mother) claimed he was picking up trash in Virginia.

And just to add fuel to the fire,on  some days he claimed to have been completing hours, he was in fact in other countries putting on concerts. As if that wasn't shady enough, the police chief who signed off on these hours resigned when this all came to light.

As a result of all this, Brown was ordered by a judge to complete an additional 1,000 hours of community service before the end of his reinstated probation in August 2014. He was originally ordered to complete 1,440 hours.

Furthermore, this community labor must be done in the presence of Los Angeles County officials, and the only permissible work includes highway cleanup, beach cleanup, PAWS (probation alternate work service) or, ironically, graffiti removal.

He also was told he had to check in with a probation officer in the next 48 hours, making this possibly one of Chris Brown's worst weekends ever.

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