Chris Brown will most likely not face prosecution for a hit and run case back in May, where he was charged with rear-ending a Mercedes and driving off without giving the other driver his proper information -- something Brown vehemently denies, of course.

But while you'd think his legal team would be heaving a sigh of relief, doesn't look like they'll get the chance -- because his probation might be revoked anyway.

According to TMZ, the driver Brown hit, Olga Gure-Kovalenko, doesn't want to seek criminal prosecution, so she's filed paperwork to drop the criminal case against the singer.

But despite her refusal to file charges, the district attorney is asking that a judge revoke Brown's probation (the one he's under after beating the pretty off Rihanna's face back in 2009) for "willfully and unlawfully" violating the law.

The DA will be in court later this afternoon, and if his request is granted by a judge, Breezy could face four years in the clink. But let's be real here -- that's entirely unlikely to happen. Because celebrity.

Regardless, Chris has taken to Twitter (as is his way) to bitch about the situation anyway.

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