Happy August! It is officially Aug. 1, which means you have one month left to get all your summer goals accomplished before September starts and we fill your days with repetitive Green Day jokes. You know the ones.

Lea Michele returns to work.

Go home, Chris Brown, you're drunk.

Seth MacFarlane understands how the world works.

This is what happens when Gillian Jacobs is in New Orleans.

Nick Cannon has big plans to invest in the magazine business for his fellow man.

Stephen Colbert is glad he no longer has to fear for Oprah.

We are so jealous of Simon Pegg right now.

Mostly because Jimmy Fallon let him sing happy birthday to Harry Potter.

Jake Johnson: dog whisperer.

You know, Wiz Khalifa gives some pretty good advice.

Josh Groban was having a little too much fun with his calcium.

'Modern Family' writer Danny Zuker takes aim at Simon Cowell.

Maureen Johnson says we've unlocked a new achievement!

And just like that, Rainn Wilson ruins August.

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