Lindsay Lohan continues her losing streak: a lawsuit, half of a gown and even more of the fumes that were once her self-respect. Surprise!

We'll begin with her litigation. Lohan had filed a lawsuit against rapper Pitbull back in August 2011 for name-checking her in his inescapable song 'Give Me Everything,' citing emotional distress ... and the fact that since he never asked permission to use her name, he shouldn't be allowed to profit on it.

Oh, and she said it defamed her "good name." We'll just leave that one there.

The judge in the case threw it out, siding with Mr. 305. The judge basically said Lohan is an idiot in the eyes of the law: The song is art, protected by the First Amendment in the Constitution, and she's only mentioned once in the lyric "Hustlers move in silence, so I’m tiptoein’ to keep flowin’/ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Lohan also lost half of the gown she wore to the amfAR gala -- the same one Charlie Sheen offered to go halfsies on to buy for her. Apparently this genius took it literally, though, and borrowed the dress (effectively refusing Sheen's offer), returning only the top half.

The $1,750 gown, which was loaned to La Lohan, was returned cut in half with a "mullet" hem -- longer in back, shorter in front -- and in tatters.

Lohan insists that she ripped it and couldn't walk around with it that way, so she asked a stylist pal to cut it. The pal apparently got scissors from a bouncer, which Us Weekly finds preposterous -- but most buildings have scissors in them somewhere, and most employees know where they are, so that doesn't sound too outlandish to us.

Regardless, the once full-length gown by Theia was chopped to club girl length and ruined. (You can see the handiwork here.)

Lohan's decision-making skills may be hampered in part by booze and desperation, two things that often go hand-in-hand not only with one another, but especially with her.

Case in point: The National Enquirer reports that Lohan's been drunk dialing exes and basically anyone else she can get her hands on to see if they can hook her up with a job or any kind of funding to pay off her massive debt.

"Her legal bills alone could buy a small country, and no one is safe," a source said.

"Wilmer Valderrama, Samantha Ronson, Stavros Niarchos and Jared Leto have all been targeted by Lindsay. She’s also calling in favors from Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and others," the source added. “Problem is, she smells of desperation and almost everyone is running.”

They're not just running -- they're hiding, too. Half of the people Lilo's hit up for help or cash have actually blocked her number, so she's had to call from alternate ones just to get through.

Apparently the erstwhile actress' three sugar daddies aren't enough.

"She’s not thinking straight and even reaching out to people she swore she’d never talk to again,” said the source. “She leaves long rambling messages that are rarely returned. It’s all very sad.”

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