Not content with just her mom selling out Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson is now talking about her former girlfriend too ... and so will Lohan's former assistant in court.

In a recent interview, Ronson sounds not only irresponsible for herself, but also bitter at Lohan's fame for eclipsing her own. (And far be it from us to defend Lilo, so you know it has to be bad.)

“I had panic attacks all the time and I lost so much weight, had so much anxiety, it just made it whack,” Ronson lamented.

“Even the paparazzi guys would laugh. They’d seen me for years going in and out of the same clubs, smoking cigarettes, talking s---, and they’re like ‘I’m so sorry,’" she said, "'[but] this is what [the media] wants.’"

She added, "It was crazy. They’d be the same ones outside my house every day and they weren't there for me.”

Of course they weren't, because Lohan was the only reason Ronson was ever almost relevant. Cry us a river, then have a seat.

Meanwhile, Lohan's former assistant, a phantom who goes only by the name Gavin, won't have a seat, but will rather take the stand in her trial for lying to police. He was subpoenaed and will have to testify as to what exactly happened.

This is the same former assistant who ratted on La Lohan to the cops in the very PCH crash case that got her in this mess, telling them that she was, in fact, behind the wheel of the Porsche she wrecked.

Lohan staunchly insists she did no wrong because it's always someone else's fault. She refused a plea deal and will head back to court, the only place she's seen more often than the bar, on March 1.

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