One Direction member Harry Styles may have a whopping 16.5 million Twitter followers, but as far as being an engaging tweeter, he's failed majorly. He's been found to be the "least engaging" Twitter celebrity, according to a recent study.

We know, shouldn't they be studying more important things? Like whether super intelligent sharks hold the cure to Alzheimer's? Probably.

The report -- collected by a company called Fickle -- found that Styles only responds to one tweet per 333,333 that are sent to him. In contrast, the most engaging celebrity, Alexa Chung, responds to one in 333.

Other bad correspondents include Miley Cyrus (one in 188,500), Justin Bieber (one in 166,666) and Styles' ex Taylor Swift (one in 28,333).

Although to be fair, no one expects Harry to respond to every single declaration of love or request to be followed back. And he shouldn't, unless that person is Emma Watson.

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