Kesha officially passed over that imaginary border from fun-crazy into crazy-crazy when she revealed she has a bra, headdress and earring combo made of her fans' teeth.

Cue the 'Psycho' music.

Apparently when she's not having sex with ghosts, stalking Iggy Pop or inviting all the Flaming Lips into the world's biggest bed, the queen of glitter wants people's dental castoffs.

"I asked for them to send me their teeth and I got, like, over 1000 human teeth,” Kesha said of her fans' weird generosity -- which she of course turned into things she actually wears.

Where did they get the teeth? Rip them out of their own mouths? Take their babies' teeth from the tooth fairy? Perform impromptu oral surgery on vagrants? So many questions.

The singer said she asked for the teeth so she could feel closer to her fans, and mentioned she also likes to meet with them on occasion. (Hopefully she brings soup or something else for them to gum.)

"I love them! I call them my family, my animals. This whole record is for them," she said. "[My new memoir] is for them. The title of my 'Warrior' [album] was inspired by hearing their stories ... A lot of people have said my music helps them through something ... And I love hearing that. It all feels totally worth it."

Maybe for her. She (presumably) still has all her own teeth.

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